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Do a good job in quality development or become the rise of bathroom cabinet enterprises in central China

Do a good job in quality development or become the rise of bathroom cabinet enterprises in central China

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The annual Shanghai Sanitary Ware Exhibition is a grand event in the whole industry. As one of the representative enterprises of bathroom cabinet, Hu Hui not only goes to the exhibition every year, but also takes products to the exhibition in the past two years. However, from the overall situation of the exhibition, he believes that there is still a big gap between his own bathroom cabinet products and other brands, which needs to be diligently practiced to narrow the gap.

Beginning in 2015, the bathroom cabinet began to be widely promoted. Hu Hui has also begun to pay attention to toilets. In the past, many bathroom brands used toilets as their star products in the display of sample stores. In the best position, the most prominent place for more decoration toilet. But in the past two years, consumers'attention to products has shifted, and bathroom cabinets have gradually become the mainstream products attracting the attention of stores.

Henan, as an important production base of bathroom cabinet production area, has undergone a rapid development stage in recent two years. But compared with the bathroom cabinet enterprises in Foshan, Chengdu and other places, there is still a significant gap. In view of how to develop the central bathroom cabinet, Hu Hui also has his own unique views.
The annual Shanghai Sanitary Ware Exhibition is a grand event in the whole industry. As one of the representative enterprises of bathroom cabinet, Hu Hui not only goes to the exhibition every year, but also takes products to the exhibition in the past two years. However, from the overall situation of the exhibition, he believes that there is still a big gap between his own bathroom cabinet products and other brands, which needs to be diligently practiced to narrow the gap.
Beginning in 2015, the bathroom cabinet began to be widely promoted. Hu Hui has also begun to pay attention to toilets. In the past, many bathroom brands used toilets as their star products in the display of sample stores. In the best position, the most prominent place for more decoration toilet. But in the past two years, consumers'attention to products has shifted, and bathroom cabinets have gradually become the mainstream products attracting the attention of stores.
Henan, as an important production base of bathroom cabinet production area, has undergone a rapid development stage in recent two years. But compared with the bathroom cabinet enterprises in Foshan, Chengdu and other places, there is still a significant gap. In view of how to develop the central bathroom cabinet, Hu Hui also has his own unique views.